Title IX Discrimination in Education (Gender)

Title IX makes it illegal for primary and secondary schools (K-12) and post-secondary educational institutions (colleges and universities); and other schools to discriminate, harass, or retaliate against an individual because of gender equity issues.

Title IX issues include, but not limited to:

  • Access to higher education, especially in areas of study where women, including women of color, are and have been traditionally underrepresented.
  • Equal opportunity and access to athletics, including adequate funding of women’s sports; equal access to practice times, facilities, and transportation; access to scholarship monies; and pay equity among male and female coaches.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Education for pregnant and parenting students.
  • Employment, including tenure and pay equity issues, and pregnancy claims.
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • Retaliation for complaining about discrimination.

Attorney Silva also represents blind and visually impaired students who are denied participation in educational activities and programs. The blind and visually impaired are also covered by Title IX.

Title IX Services

Attorney Silva assists employees and students through a school or university’s internal investigation of Title IX claims of discrimination or harassment-whether the student or employee is complaining about Title IX discrimination or Title IX harassment or is a witness in the investigation. In addition, Attorney Silva represents students and employees through Title IX administrative proceedings at the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), including facilitated resolution between parties (FRBP) or mediation. Attorney Silva also represents students and employees at the trial and appellate court levels regarding Title IX discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims.

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