Title IX Protections Presentation Video

Title IX Protections Video Transcript

When people think about Title IX they probably think about Male and Female sports in High Schools or Colleges and Universities and they’re right. Title IX does prohibit discrimination in Male and Female sports in High Schools or Colleges and Universities.

For example, both boys and girls sports should have equal access to fields, practice times, and equipment. But Title IX encompasses so much more and prohibits sex based discrimination in most areas of student life. That can include access to medical services such as gynecological services.

Title IX prohibits sex based harassment whether it’s student to student harassment or coach or teacher to student harassment.

Title IX provides protection for pregnant or parenting students and employees. Title IX prohibits retaliation for those student or employees that complain about discrimination.

One of the less known provisions of Title IX provides protections for the blind and visually impaired.

Unfortunately, Title IX only affects those High Schools or Colleges or Universities that accept federal money and even then there are some exceptions as to which schools can be held liable for discrimination under Title IX.


If you think that you or your child have been the victim of discrimination under Title IX you should consult with a qualified attorney in your State to access the situation further.


 Disclaimer: “This is intended as a general overview of Title IX and is not intended for any specific legal advice.”

Originally Published May 25, 2010